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They Called It Shell Shock
by Stefanie Linden

Cover of the book They Called It Shell Shock

They called it Shell Shock provides a new perspective on the psychological reactions to the traumatic experiences of combat. This is a magnificent work that weaves the individual stories of the soldiers into the military backdrop of the First World War. Just as the book highlights scientific discoveries that go beyond national boundaries, its final publication has been possible thanks to the collective efforts of colleagues located across Europe: first and foremost author Stefanie Linden currently living in Maastricht, prof. Antonio Gibelli writing his superb introduction from Genova and myself translating from London.

The much awaited Italian version of this book is now widely available in most Italian bookshops, public libraries and on Amazon. It has enjoyed many positive reviews both in the national press and in the scholarly realm.

The launch of the book La guerra dei nervi. Soldati traumatizzati sul fronte occidentale – 1914/1918 coincided with the Shell shock beyond the war – A European Perspective symposium. More information about this event available via the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology website.

Cover book La guerra dei nervi
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