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I translate documents from English into Italian.

I mainly translate scientific and medical literature. I specialise in neurology and neuroscience.

I translate:

  • Texts for scholarly dissemination and academic publication (including books and journal articles)

  • Medicine-related materials aimed at both the general public and at medical students and professionals (including online contents)

  • Documents for the pharmaceutical industry (including Summaries of Product Characteristics or SPCs)


I want to be as transparent as possible when working with you.


I charge per word to be translated, but there might be other factors I will need to take into account such as:


  • the subject area of the translation (if it is very complex, it is likely to require more research),

  • whether specific formatting and/or document preparation is required,

  • the timescale in which you would like me to provide the finished piece of work.


Please get in touch with your translation requirements so that I can give you a detailed quote.

If this is the first time you contact me or perhaps you have been referred to me by a trusted colleague, I will be happy to offer a discretionary discount on my standard translation rates.

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I will discuss your required timescale at the start and agree a date for delivery. The agreed timeline will include any reasonable research required around the topic, discussion about the text specifications, definition of personal objectives and quality control checks. 

I am committed to producing work of outstanding quality. If I feel that I will not be able to deliver a piece of work to the highest standards in the timeframe you need, I will say so. It may be that we can find another good solution, such as collaborating with other trusted colleagues to get an urgent job done.

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My promise

You can count on me to help you deliver your work in Italian so that you can reach a far wider and targeted audience.

I only translate from English into Italian, which is my native language. This is because translating requires a level of mastery of the target language that, typically, only a native speaker would possess.

I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. I abide by their Code of Conduct and the high standards that it promotes. I also adhere to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Terms of Business.

I use technology, such as terminology management tools, where appropriate, to assist me and to aid consistency. I typically work with XTM Cloud, which guarantees full protection for your data.

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